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Salisbury Cathedral spire

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Why should I go on one of these Stonehenge Tours?

If you've reached this page you probably want some reassurance about my Stonehenge tours. There are loads of testimonials below and lots more if you want to see them, but there are other things I can tell you. I am passionate about my tours to Stonehenge. I try to make every single one the best possible tour I have done. Some guests come back again with friends or relatives because they enjoyed it so much.

On our Facebook page there are photos from some other guests, and if you want to Like the page please feel free to do so, but I won't get to see your personal stuff. Join us on Twitter if you prefer.

... and finally before the testimonials if you have any other questions or queries on my Stonehenge tours just send an e-mail to Pat Shelley

Thanks, Pat. We had a wonderful day with you and will highly recommend your Stonehenge tour to all our friends and family who travel to the UK in the future.
All the best,
David & Erin,California.

Liz and I were on your Stonehenge tour in early July and found it the most memorable part of our 2 week trip. I still think of it often.
Ray Bockover,Whitehouse, TX

Hi Pat,
As my partner wrote on Tripadvisor, this was probably the best tour we have ever been on (and we have been on many!)
You are a great guide, raconteur and overall wealth of knowledge. We feel so privileged to have experienced Stonehenge in your company!
We wish you continued success with your Stonehenge tours - and we'll be sure to tell everyone we know in Canada to book with you.
Kind regards,
RD,Montreal, Canada

Hi Pat
we have just returned from 5 weeks in UK and Italy, and I have to say that the Stonehenge tour with you was the highlight for me. Your explanations helped us to appreciate the monument, and the work and planning that went into establishing it, and the walk up the ancient pathway really gave us a feel of what it might have been like on a solstice pilgrimage thousands of years ago.
We know others who spent a 15 mins tour there and were seriously underwhelmed, because they had no explanation of what they were seeing. We would highly recommend your tour to all who are considering going to Stonehenge.
regards, Gaye McDermott

Thanks Pat,
This tour to Stonehenge was the highlight of our UK holiday. The experience was so much more than we expected. 23 years ago I visited Stonehenge and did the usual tour outside the ropes brief visit, but felt that I needed more. You made the experience meaningful and fun. You know what you are talking about and share your perspective with warmth and enthusiasm. I recommend this Stonehenge tour to anyone who is interested in a genuine experience rather that the superficial tick the box thing. ,

Hi Pat,
I just wanted to say I LOVED the tour to Stonehenge and all the wonderful information you provided.
Cresting the hill to see Stonehenge in the distance is etched in my mind forever.
Thank you!
Nancy Tietge

Dear Mr Shelley,
We had a wonderful experience on your stonehenge tour yesterday. It exceeded our expectations; you shared your knowledge so clearly. This was sure to be one of the main highlights of our trip to your wonderful country.
Best wishes, Monica and family

Hi Pat,
Your Stonehenge tour was everything we had hoped for, and more. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the archaeology and latest theories and finds, it was fascinating. The walk up the avenue felt like a pilgrimage to me, and being able to stand amongst the stones was a moment I will remember forever. None of the magnificent cathedrals I have visited were as beautiful and moving as Stonehenge was for me. Thank you for giving us an experience and memories to treasure. We have been telling our friends about your Stonehenge tour, and have highly recommended your tour should they go again.
Megan and Marc

Dear Pat
Thank you for an unforgetable experience at Stonehenge and the surrounding area. This was something I have been wanting to do for a very long time and it was everything I had hoped. You pitched the presentation perfectly with expert knowledge and humour. When our Canadian friends visit us again we will try to bring them along - I know they will love it.
Albert and Pauline

Hi Pat,
A big thanks from us. We thought the tour to Stonehenge was wonderful and a real highlight of our trip.I believe we may have mentioned to you that our late father was an archaeologist and historian - he also led tours (in the U.S. focusing on the social history of colonial New England towns). Like you, he was passionate about history, extremely knowledgeable, and loved to try to piece evidence together to develop theories and conclusions about the past. When you said that you tried to make every Stonehenge tour the best one that you ever gave, that really reminded me of my dad - he took the same approach, and had the same pride in his work. I mention this to communicate how much respect we have for your approach to your work in general, and to your tours in particular.
Vanessa (on behalf of Shirley & Debbie)

Pat, thank you for a fascinating afternoon! The experience inside of Stonehenge was truly once-in-a-lifetime tour for us. Words elude me. Thank you!
Glynn Jones

Just a short note, but I wanted you to know how much I and my family enjoyed your tour when we visited Stonehenge. It was the highlight of our visit to England and probably the best personal tour I have ever been on.

Willys T, USA

Hi, Pat 
We had an absolutely fantastic time touring Stonehenge with you and learnt so much.  Thank you for making it captivating; there was never a moment when you didn't have our complete attention. 

CC, London, UK

Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed your tour, it was incredible, an experience we’ll always remember!

Angela L, Australia

Hi Pat, our trip to the UK was an amazing experience with our Stonehenge Tour right at the top of the list. Thank you for a great tour!!!

Diane and Rick, USA

The knowledge and the passion that you show....with a side of humour makes for an amazing adventure.  You were able to help me feel like I was walking with all of those people so many many many years ago.  I was very excited to visit Stonehenge...you made it so much better than I had anticipated.  Thank you! 

Terry Lynn, Canada

I wanted to thank you for a particularly informative and memorable tour.  I’m not a big fan of tours even though I have been on numerous all over the world.   When I saw that it was a 5 hour tour I was really questioning whether I wanted to put myself through it. (look what happened to Gilligan on only a three hour tour!)  Anyway, every moment I found to be quite engaging and fun.  Your knowledge of the subject and your delivery went way beyond my expectations.  The whole itinerary was just incredible.  In fact, I look forward to doing it again.

Mark, Boston, USA

After traveling for three weeks, with two full weeks in the UK, I must tell you that the Stonehenge tour with you was by far the highlight of our trip.   Indeed, I might say it was one of the highlights of all my travels over 50 years. Although Wanda had been to Stonehenge twice before, it was my first visit.  It was a very moving experience for me.    Far from being a “stop of the tour bus”, you made Stonehenge come to life with the history of the Durrington Walls, the burial grounds and the surrounding country side.   Walking up over the giant cursus and then  approaching Stonehenge as the ancients might have first seen it was simply magical.   I so appreciate the way you allowed all of us to see it in a rather solitary fashion, staying quiet, taking it in.   I so appreciate your approach. 

Jean, Oregon, USA

We are back in the states and I wanted to drop a quick note to you expressing my appreciation for your EXCELLENT tour.  My wife and I learned so much and gained a greater appreciation for sites and cultures you taught us about.  Your passion for these locations and teaching about them is abundantly clear.  We told anyone who'd listen to us during rest of our time in the UK that the ONLY tour of Stonehenge to take was with Pat Shelley. 

Rod, Colorado, USA

And here's a couple that seems to have found their way to another site and they didn't tell us...

Pat Shelley was a fantastic tour guide! Our tour of Avebury and Stonehenge was excellent, please send our best regards to Pat.
The Edwards - DECEMBER 2016

PAT SHELLEY WAS AMAZING. We joined your coach tour from London in August and did the inner circle thing. I highly recommend this experience for anyone wishing to experience Stonehenge close up. This tour was combined with Salisbury Cathedral.
GiGi - August 2015

Our coach started in London and visited Avebury and Stonehenge. Our tour guide at Stonehenge was Pat Shelley and he was outstanding and really brought the history alive. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone wanting to experience Stonehenge.
Petra - July 2016

Thank you so much for the wonderful Stonehenge Inner Circle Tour. Our tor director, Pat Shelley was very informative and great fun. I want to share a brief story with you: as a high school student, I received a copy of Sir Walter Scott's Lady of the Lake from my teacher with the following inscription: "Someday I will touch the monoliths at Stonehenge for I know Merlin has stored his power there. I hope you can too. June 13, 1986." Twenty one years later, your tour company allowed for me to fulfill my dream of touching the stones at Stonehenge. Thank you for this opportunity. I am forever grateful!
Buffy Martin
January 2014